Looking for an appartment (German)

Here are two dialogues related to apartment hunting in Germany, along with their translations, grammar explanations, and vocabulary.

Dialogue 1: Making an Inquiry

Person A: Entschuldigung, ist die Wohnung noch verfügbar?
(Excuse me, is the apartment still available?)

Person B: Ja, die Wohnung ist noch frei. Möchten Sie einen Besichtigungstermin vereinbaren?
(Yes, the apartment is still available. Would you like to schedule a viewing appointment?)

- The question word "ist" (is) is used to inquire about the availability of the apartment.
- The verb "verfügbar sein" (to be available) is conjugated as "ist" (is) to match the third-person singular form of "die Wohnung" (the apartment).
- The phrase "noch frei" (still available) indicates that the apartment is currently vacant.
- The phrase "einen Besichtigungstermin vereinbaren" (to schedule a viewing appointment) is used to propose arranging a visit to the apartment.

- Entschuldigung (Excuse me)
- die Wohnung (the apartment)
- noch (still)
- verfügbar (available)
- Möchten Sie (Would you like)
- einen Besichtigungstermin (a viewing appointment)
- vereinbaren (to schedule)

Dialogue 2: Viewing the Apartment

Person A: Guten Tag! Ich habe einen Termin zur Besichtigung der Wohnung.
(Good day! I have an appointment to view the apartment.)

Person B: Herzlich willkommen! Kommen Sie bitte herein. Hier ist der Wohnbereich.
(Welcome! Please come in. Here is the living area.)

- The phrase "Guten Tag" (Good day) is a common greeting used to initiate conversation politely.
- The phrase "Ich habe einen Termin zur Besichtigung der Wohnung" (I have an appointment to view the apartment) is used to inform the person that you have a scheduled visit.
- The phrase "Herzlich willkommen" (Welcome) is used to greet someone warmly.
- The verb "kommen" (to come) is conjugated as "kommen Sie" (please come) to match the formal address.
- The phrase "bitte herein" (please come in) is used to invite someone inside.
- The phrase "hier ist" (here is) is used to indicate the location of the living area.

- Guten Tag (Good day)
- einen Termin haben (to have an appointment)
- zur Besichtigung (to view)
- der Wohnung (the apartment)
- herzlich willkommen (welcome)
- kommen Sie bitte herein (please come in)
- der Wohnbereich (the living area)

Note: The above dialogues are fictional and provided for illustrative purposes. Actual conversations may vary depending on the specific circumstances and individuals involved.

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