Unfortunately, very little is known about the language of the Gepids, a Germanic tribe that lived in Central Europe during the late Roman period and the early Middle Ages. The Gepids are believed to have spoken an East Germanic language, which was related to Gothic and other Germanic languages of the time.

However, there are no surviving texts or inscriptions in the Gepid language, and the few references to the Gepids in historical sources provide only limited information about their culture and language. As a result, scholars have had to rely on comparative linguistics and the study of other Germanic languages to reconstruct the possible features of the Gepid language.

Some scholars believe that the Gepid language may have been similar to the Gothic language, which is known from a number of surviving texts. However, others have suggested that the Gepid language may have had more in common with other East Germanic languages, such as Burgundian or Vandalic, which are also poorly attested. Overall, the Gepid language remains a subject of ongoing research and speculation among linguists and historians.



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Falkenberg said...

Ostrogoci i Gepidowie to moje ulubione germańskie plemiona.

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