The pintail duck Hieroglyphic.

The same Hieroglyph can have various meanings in Egyptian Hieroglyphics depending on the how it is used.
the duck Hieroglyph (s3) carved in stone
A pintail duck symbol by itself represents the phonetic value of s3 or sa.The '3' is the Egyptian alef.
s3 or sa
Sometimes a vertical line is used along with a character which makes it a logogram. A logogram notes an entire word, s3 in this case.
the duck logogram with a vertical line
S3 can be found in various words with entirely different meanings.One of these is the homophone word s3 which means son. As you can see the word for son is made up of the duck logogram (s3 and a vertical line) plus a sitting man determinative sign which is not read and determines the meaning of the entire word as son.Hence determinative.
Προσθήκη λεζάντας

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