And what I do when I have a bad dream...(English)

And what I do when I have a bad dream

энд уот ай ду уэн ай хэв э бэд дриим

И что я делаю когда мне снится плохой сон

and -энд = и
what -уот=что
I -ай =я
do -ду= делаю
when -уэн= когдa
have -хэв= имею, у меня
a -э = один,одна,одно
bad -бэд= плохой
dream -дриим= сон
bad dream -бэд дриим =плохой сон
to have a dream  -ту хэв э дриим= мне снится сон


Die Bewegung (German)

die Bewegung
ντι μπεβέγκουνγκ

Move it

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διάβασε επίσης
die Schwierigkeit

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Ich will zu Herrn Gerber.(German)

Ich will zu Herrn Gerber.
I'm looking for Mr.Gerber.
Ψάχνω τον κύριο Γκέρμπερ.

- Der ist noch nicht da.
He's not here yet.
Δεν είναι εδώ.Δεν ήρθε ακόμα.

Ich will=I want. Θέλω.

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Smile (English)




Lovely bones.
милые кости.


My name is Salmon,like the fish.(English)

My name is Salmon,like the fish.

Май нейм из Салмон лайк де фиш.

Меня зовут Салмон(кита) как рыба.
Ich heisse Lachs wie der Fisch.
Με λένε Σολωμό όπως το ψάρι.

Lovely bones.
милые кости.


Erzähl doch mal. (German)

Erzähl doch mal.
Tell me.


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Was ist passiert? (German)

Was ist passiert?
What happened?

Erzähl doch mal.
Tell me.

Knallhart (2006)
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on the phone (Russian)

звони по этому номеру
Call this number

он мне назвал мой номер!
'He dictated MY number!'

Продиктуй мне свой номер (телефона).
Tell me your number.

Вы не туда попали.
Wrong number!

Она не берёт (трубку).
There's no answer.

Я не могу дозвониться (уже неделю).
I cannot get through for a week now.

Можно Оксану?

'Mozhna A'ksanu?
Can I talk to Oksana please?


Cleopatra in Hieroglyphics

Cleopatra in Egyptian hieroglyphs was written as qljwp3drt3 -all consonants- hence Cleopatra.

only consonants
Ancient Egyptians used mainly consonants to write much like in Semitic languages.

The j,w,3 signs in the name are in fact consonants which we assume that were followed by i,o,a vowels accordingly.We cannot be sure about which vowels followed in the spoken language.So,we simply write i,o,a for ease of reading.

For example,the vulture sign is actually the '3' consonant followed by A.We just write it as A.

Vulture sign
'A' in Hieroglyphics

the egg determinative
At end it is used the egg determitative which means son,humanity and it is a common determitative for the name of goddesses.For example it was commonly used to write the name for Egyptian goddess Isis.
Garder listed it as H8.
the egg determinative sign

Being a determinative the egg is not read here.The word for egg in Egyptian was swht.

Cleopatra used this determitative for her name,too.


Of course there are other ways to write the name Cleopatra in hieroglyphics.Here is another one.

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Ancient polyglots-Cleopatra
the Egyptian Hieroglyphic alphabet


Ancient polyglots-Cleopatra

Did you know that the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was a polyglot?

Queen Cleopatra VII Philopator-Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt
Reign 51–30 BC
languages- Greek,Egyptian,Kushitic (Ethiopian),Arabian,Aramaic,Troglodyte,Parthian.It is said that she had difficulty speaking Latin,though.

According to Plutarch Egyptian queen Cleopatra had a flair for languages and she was a polyglot.She spoke many languages along with Greek-her mother tongue.

She even spoke the language of the Troglodytes (οἱ τρωγλοδύται) -the cave dwellers,literally the cave 'divers' in Ancient Greek.

Herodot wrote that their language was unique and sounded like no other:
τετρίγασι κατά περ αἱ νυκτερίδες 
They spoke like bats!
Plutarch praises her sweet voice and the easines with which she could switch from one language to another.It is mentioned that she rarely used an interpreter.

Plutarch on Cleopatra being a polyglot:
It was a pleasure merely to hear the sound of her voice, with which, 
like an instrument of many strings, she could pass from one language 
to another; so that there were few of the barbarian nations that she
answered by an interpreter; to most of them she spoke herself, as
to the Ethiopians, Troglodytes, Hebrews, Arabians, Assyrians, Medes,
Parthians, and many others, whose language she had learnt; which
was all the more surprising because most of the kings, her 
predecessors, scarcely gave themselves the trouble to acquire the Egyptian tongue, and several of them quite abandoned the Macedonian.

Nevertheless,most of the languages that Cleopatra spoke were related to each other-they were Afroasiatic with the exception of Parthian and Greek of course.

Still speaking many languages- even related ones-with ease is no easy feat.

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Learn German phrases with movies.

Learn German phrases with movies.

Μάθε γερμανικές φράσεις από ταινίες.

Kurz und schmerzlos. Short Sharp Shock.

Der Dude leckt deine Frau ab.
Die Dinge sind schwer zu bekommen.
Gefällt sie dir?
Siehst du den Zigeuner her?

Was ist passiert?
Erzähl doch mal.

eine scharfe Sonnenbrille
nix -nothing in German

Komm mal raus!
Ich rede mit dir.

Lass frei.


Swedish greetings

listen to the phrases
God morgon.
Good morning

God dag.
good day

God eftermiddag.
good afternoon

God kväll.
good evening

God natt.
good night

Who are you? (English)

Who are you?
Ху ар ю?
Ты кто?
Wer bist du?
Ποιός είσαι;

Who (Ху) ,кто,wer,ποιός
are (ар) bist,есть,είσαι
you (ю) Ты,вы, du,sie, εσύ,εσείς

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Where is everybody? (English)

Where is everybody?

уэар из эври-бади?

Where's everybody?
уэарз эври-бади?

Wo sind alle?
Где все?
Πού πήγαν όλοι;


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Der Dude leckt deine Frau ab.(German)

Der Dude leckt deine Frau ab.

He is kissing (licking) your woman.

Αυτός πασπατεύει τη γυναίκα σου.

Kurz und Schmerzlos (1998)
Short Sharp Shock

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I close my eyes.(English)

I close my eyes

ай клоуз май айз

Я закрываю глаза.
Ich schließe meine Augen.


my= мои

Triangle (2009),British film.

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Die Dinge sind schwer zu bekommen.(German)

Die Dinge sind schwer zu bekommen.

These things are hard to find.

Αυτά τα πράγματα είναι δύσκολο να τα βρεις.

die Dinge - the things
sind - are
schwer (shvea) - difficult
bekommen - to find

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eine scharfe Sonnenbrille (German)

eine scharfe Sonnenbrille

sharp sunglasses

ωραία γυαλιά

Getürkt ,Fatih Akin,1996
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Gefällt sie dir? (German)

Gefällt sie dir?

Do you like it?

Σου αρέσει;

Kurz und schmerzlos,Fatih Akin,1998


Komm mal raus! (German)

Komm mal raus!

Get out!

Βγες έξω!


Ich rede mit dir (German)

Ich rede mit dir.

I'm talking to you.

Σου μιλάω.

Gegen die Wand ,Fatih Akin, 2004


Lass frei (German)

Lass frei!

Drop it!

Πέτα το κάτω!

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Willst du mit? (German)

Willst du mit?

Do you want to come?
Θέλεις να ρθεις;


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