Cleopatra in Hieroglyphics

Cleopatra in Egyptian hieroglyphs was written as qljwp3drt3 -all consonants- hence Cleopatra.

only consonants
Ancient Egyptians used mainly consonants to write much like in Semitic languages.

The j,w,3 signs in the name are in fact consonants which we assume that were followed by i,o,a vowels accordingly.We cannot be sure about which vowels followed in the spoken language.So,we simply write i,o,a for ease of reading.

For example,the vulture sign is actually the '3' consonant followed by A.We just write it as A.

Vulture sign
'A' in Hieroglyphics

the egg determinative
At end it is used the egg determitative which means son,humanity and it is a common determitative for the name of goddesses.For example it was commonly used to write the name for Egyptian goddess Isis.
Garder listed it as H8.
the egg determinative sign

Being a determinative the egg is not read here.The word for egg in Egyptian was swht.

Cleopatra used this determitative for her name,too.


Of course there are other ways to write the name Cleopatra in hieroglyphics.Here is another one.

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