Cypriot Greek

Cypriot Greek is a descendant of medieval Greek and has nothing to do with ancient Cypriot, Arcadian Cypriot, contrary to what might think.

It has major differences with common Greek in phonology,vocabulary and even grammar and many speakers of modern Greek will find Cypriot unintelligible without enough exposure to it and guidance.

Essentially Cypriot, while considered a dialect, could be a separate language of the Greek branch.

Greek began to be spoken in Cyprus in the 12th century BC and was an Arcadian-Cypriot dialect. Arcadocyprian was spoken in Arcadia and Cyprus and was a descendant of Mycenaean Greek.

Before the invasion of 1974, Cypriot was also spoken by Turkish Cypriots. It was the common language of communication on the island.

Cypriot phrases

Τί κάμνεις ρε πελέ μου, ούλα καλά;
What are you doing, my friend, all is well?

Λάμνε αρώτα .
Lamne arota.
Ask elsewhere (don't address me)

Όι Άππαρο με την βάκλαν.
Impossible to do.

Το πουλίνν επέτασε.
Throw the bird.




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