modern greek alphabet and its pronounciation

современный греческий алфавит и его произношение alfabetul grec modern şi pronunţie sale
Greek alphabet alpha-omega.svg
Greek alphabet
Αα Alpha Νν Nu
Ββ Beta Ξξ Xi
Γγ Gamma Οο Omicron
Δδ Delta Ππ Pi
Εε Epsilon Ρρ Rho
Ζζ Zeta Σσς Sigma
Ηη Eta Ττ Tau
Θθ Theta Υυ Upsilon
Ιι Iota Φφ Phi
Κκ Kappa Χχ Chi
Λλ Lambda Ψψ Psi
Μμ Mu Ωω Omega
Obsolete letters
Digamma uc lc.svg Digamma Qoppa uc lc.svg Qoppa
San uc lc.svg San Sampi uc lc.svg Sampi
Other characters
Stigma uc lc.svg Stigma Sho uc lc.svg Sho
Heta uc lc.svg Heta
Pronounciation Α,α as the first sound in the word 'I' B,β as the letter V,v Γ,γ glottal sound close to the ukrainian leter 'Г г' Δ,δ as in 'this','there' E,ε as the e in 'egg','letter' Ζ,ζ as the letter Ζ,z Η,η as the i in 'this' or e in 'theory' Θ,θ as in 'theory','think' I,ι as the i in 'this' or e in 'theory' Κ,κ as the letter K,k Λ,λ as the letter L,l Μ,μ as M,m Ν,ν as N,n Ξ,ξ as in 'xenophobia',not like z Ο,ο as O,o in 'got' Π,π as P,p Ρ,ρ as R,r Σ,σ* as S,s Τ,τ as T,t Υ,υ as the i in 'this' or e in 'theory' Φ,φ as F,f Χ,χ something like 'h' only with a lot more friction Ψ,ψ as Π,π and Σ,σ together 'ΠΣ' Ω,ω as Ο,ο in 'got' dipthongs ΕΙ,ει ΟΙ,οι ΗΙ,ηι as the i in 'this' or e in 'theory' ΑΙ,αι as the e in 'egg','letter' ΓΚ,γκ and ΓΓ,γγ as g in 'got','goose' ΤΖ,τζ close to j in 'jam' *The letter 'σ' is written as 'ς' when found at the end of a word.

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